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Just out of interest, and as I’m now getting into training for the Cape Town marathon in September…

Weight: 112.8 lbs

BMI: 20.8

Visceral Fat: 4

Fat: 24.6%



Yes… I was as confused as you. This race is actually called the Rainbow Chicken 30km race!!!

I was a little nervous as I’ve never raced 30km before and I know that in South Africa there’s no way to avoid what they call “hills” here in the UK we call them mountains. This race didn’t disappoint in that department!

I started very slowly as I was seriously worried about setting off too fast and not being able to make the full 30km. I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I finished really strong and managed to be the 3rd lady. I won a bottle of sparkling grape juice (again, yes, I was confused as hell!! South Africa produces some of the world’s finest wine and I won grape juice?) and about £25 in prize money. First time I’d won prize money.

The endorphins were running high and I gave the prize money to a gentleman that had been telling me how hard he found it to raise the £1 that was needed for him to do the 10k race that he’d taken part in. My good deed for the day.

Take a look at the Garmin record of the race, for he overall elevation and map of the route:

Ps. The race is called Rainbow Chicken as there is a company in the area that packages and sells wholesale chicken, they sponsor the race. And, they give away vast amounts of pre-packed chicken as spot prizes on the day. Whatever goes I say!

Rainbow Chicken

I just lOVE the trainer trophy. It’s the only one I keep out, and allow dust to settle on.

Vigo 3

Vigo 2

Vigo 1

I think my holiday in Cape Town is showing…

Quite disappointing, considering the amount of running I’m doing at the moment but well earned, I did eat too much and drink a little too much wine. Well, you CAN’T go to Cape Town and not drink the local “water”. Ha,ha!

Weight: 112.8 lbs

BMI: 20.8

Visceral Fat: 4

Fat: 25.4%

My sincere apologies, it’s been FAR too long since I last blogged. How very irresponsible of me. I’ll try to post several updates now to try and redeem myself… My excuse – well, running and fundraising took over.

Drum roll please….. The results are in for the raffle!!!

I’d say that around £1000 was collected as a result of these tickets and 90% of that was done by Esther and Sheila Martin (daughter and wife of Ian Martin, whom I am running the marathon for). How they have found the time in their busy lives to sell the tickets I will never know and, will be forever grateful for!

I do hope that everyone likes their prize of can find a good home for it to go to if not appropriate.

Thank you all so much for helping us to reach the £2000 sponsorship quota, this means so much to a lot of people.

Raffle Prize Details

Please stay tuned for updates to the list of prizes, there will be more!

Raffel Prizes 14 Dec

So, what’s uppppp?

Well.. Let me think.

There was the Brighton 10k a few weekends ago. The Lingfield Running club had a huge turnout which was great. There were a lot of people there that I’d heard of but never seen so it was a day of “names to faces”. My time was 45:45. I was a little disappointed as I did 45:00 in East Grinstead 10k but a few fellow runners were quick to remind me that the EG race is not 100% certified as 10k and was not chipped so I should be pleased with the 45:45. Additionally, there were A LOT of people running and I’m just no good at all at elbowing myself through the crowds.

The weather could not have been any more perfect, bright sunny day, no wind. Totally amazing!

My weekly mileage has gone up considerably which I’m very pleased with. Last Sunday I did 16.5 miles!!!!! Had you asked me to predict that in February I never would have, not in my wildest dreams.

I’ve taken to doing a longer mid-week run of 10-12 miles. This is a tough one as I’m doing it at night, on my own, around streets. Not the most inspiring of terrain, I can assure you!

It’s a tough run, it gives me a fair amount of time alone with my thoughts and (when I’m not taking myself out of running) I’m dreaming up ideas of loft conversions vs moving to another town. I have enough time to get into the finer details (under floor heating, colour of the bed covers etc.) so when I get home I feel compelled to get on the internet and download pictures for ideas and look at house prices. All without having the chance to run any of it past the other half!! Whatever gets me though it I suppose.

Besides the mental strength required to get through the run, there are the physical elements – It’s darn COLD out there!!! I have to wear three layers of clothing to keep warm, hat, gloves, reflective bib, flashing arm strap…. And, my face is plastered in what can only be described as the equivalent of Vaseline, which I use on the pharmacist’s recommendation to help protect my youthful looks (I wish, it’s a bit late for that).

Despite all of this, I’m still getting myself off my office chair, out of the warm office and doing the run. It never fails to amaze me, where I get the strength.

Dear PTB,

Please can this be a short, dry, winter?

I promise to behave.

Yours sincerely,

I’m a little late on posting this (Although, I’m positive there’s no one out there waiting with baited breath!). It just seems like there’s hardly a time when I haven’t just exercised, had a hot shower/bath or had a meal, which according to my scales are the prerequisites for getting the correct metrics.

Weight: 109.2 lbs

BMI: 20.1

Visceral Fat: 4

Fat: 25%

It’s nice to see that my fat has dropped by 3.9%. Never a bad thing, it still well within the healthy range.

It seems like this time of year is a tough one to get people to part with their hard-earned cash. Rightly so, people have families to feed, increasing energy bills, Christmas presents to buy, and not forgetting, the huge media push on Movember. If you’re not partaking in Movember, you’re most certainly being asked to donate to an incredibly worthy cause.

With the dark nights upon us and the ever-present biting ice cold wind (not so much during the working day though, which is unfair), getting dressed for running and making my way out the door is becoming increasingly hard. And, although my heart lies with the Lingfield Running Club, I can’t bring myself to wait two hours between work and going for a run so, during the week, I’ve been pounding the streets  on my lonesome. It’s a constant battle between good and evil – “You can do another mile Mandy”, “No, no, your foot hurts, stop and rest. You’ve done enough for tonight. There’s always tomorrow”, “I will get out of this what I put in, keep going – push though the barrier”… and so the conversation goes! For now, it’s just in my head. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I digress.

A few weeks ago Esther approached the East Grinstead Observer about doing a feature on PSP to help raise further awareness and bring attention to the fund raising that I’ve been  working on in between runs. Today it was published!

As a result of the feature and other means of begging, pleading, grovelling, demanding and some serious foot stamping, the amount that’s been donated towards my marathon run has increased by £135. Now, if that doesn’t help me get out the door for a run, nothing will. Seriously, I need as much motivation as possible right now and this has certainly given me a boost!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! And long may it continue.